Five-year-old Lilli Durante, a style icon from Irwin, Pennsylvania, has Optic Pathway Glioma, a brain tumor that affects the optic nerves and grows slowly. Every time this courageous girl goes to the hospital for her treatment, she dresses up in different princess outfits to make the situation seem less scary.

Lilli Durante was diagnosed with optic pathway glioma & now has to undergo chemo.

Lilli’s doctors surmised that she might lose her vision if she didn’t receive treatment when they learned that she had optic pathway glioma a year ago. Even though optic pathway lymphoma is currently highly treatable, Lily’s doctors chose to proceed with chemotherapy treatments.

Despite the sad situation, brave little Lilli dresses up in various princess outfits for her chemo treatments.

She bravely decided to wear a new princess outfit each time she visits the hospital and to dress up as a princess for her chemotherapy treatments, despite the fact that the situation seems very dire.

Lilli has already donned thirty dresses, including Cinderella, Belle, and Ariel’s Disney princess gowns. Even the hospital staff now greets her as “Your Majesty” each time she walks onto the property. The nicest part is when the hospital staff compliments her each time she wears a new princess dress.

The 5-year-old recently had an allergic reaction to her chemo treatment and will be getting surgery to cure her.

Lilli is such an amazing and brave girl. She is surely an inspiration to all the girls out there. She faces all her fears with positivity and despite her situation, she lights up the hospital room with her lovely self in princess dresses. Our world needs brave little princesses like Lilli!


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