A heart touching incident of a superhero of real life went viral on social media lately. The CCTV footage of pedestrians recorded at the junction close to Sanhui overpass at the Mianyang nearby Sichuan province.

A fast-moving busy road is being captured in the recording. A senior citizen moving from one side to the other in the crossing was already running out of time to get to the other side by the time of pedestrian colour lights. He who is finding it difficult to fasten up seems to be doing his best to cross before the vehicles. But it is to admire the patience of the drivers of the vehicles too.

When he noticed that this was taking place in the middle of the road, the local traffic police officer put the elderly man on a piggyback and assisted him in getting across the fast-moving traffic. This attempt of the policeman was being praised and subjected to talk about all around the world. He leaves an example of humanity and safety at the same time.

This real-time superhero who helped the senior to cross through the busy street was later known to be Qin Weijie. He deserves to be honored for his act.


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