The art world has changed significantly over time. Artists’ job is to depict and explain society; in the past, this meant making every detail visible, but in the modern era, art has shifted toward more conceptual works that are connected to impressions and nearly attempt to conceal the underlying message.

The artwork of Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, “The Comedian,” which is a banana affixed to the wall with adhesive tape, is among the works of art that have generated the greatest controversy.

Regretfully, a student chose to remove the banana from the display, eat it, and then hang the peel on the wall. Let’s examine the events in more detail.

Maurizio Cattelan, an Italian artist, created a stir with his daring installation, Le Comédien.It is, after all, only a banana taped to the wall using sticky tape.Despite being regarded as a relatively basic piece of art, it is valued at roughly $120,000 (or 110,000 euros).Regretfully, a pupil chose to consume it!

Noh Huyn-soo, a South Korean student, was caught on camera taking the banana off the wall while she was visiting the Leeum Museum of Art in Seoul.He ate it after peeling it, then hung the skin on the wall.Subsequently, the child shared the video on his social media, considering his act to be an artistic endeavor.

The youngster told the museum that he didn’t want the banana to decay and that he ate it because he was hungry.The entire incident transpired so quickly that museum employees were caught off guard and unable to step in.Cattelan was notified about the occurrence right away, but he doesn’t appear to have responded.

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