Photographer Douglas Croft takes this picture of a massive whale breaching the water close to a fishing boat. The 60-year-old man saw the humpback whale while on a whale-watching excursion. He took these incredible pictures in 2019 on April 27 in the well-known Monterey Bay in California. He had mentioned that the return of these whales to the bay for summer feeding coincides with the salmon season. In addition, he had mentioned that the bay was full of boats.


Image credits: Photographs by Douglas Croft/Caters News

Douglas was prepared to capture the enormous animal after noticing it, as they typically do multiple breaches. He had predicted that it would breach once more, just as it had in the past. Douglas was able to take some pictures of it beside the fisherman’s boat, where the enormous whale is clearly visible, even though many people would have gone to the deck outside to see it.


Image credits: Photographs by Douglas Croft/Caters News

He had said that he shot the pictures through a porthole because that’s what gives a good view of the whale. He had also said that it breached exactly behind the fisherman’s boat. And he had written that at first, he was a bit upset about the fact that the boat was blocking his shot, but then he had understood that it was a rare capture.


Kate Cummings, another whale watcher had taken good footage of the above-said breaching from a higher view. Kate had said that at times when they rise out they go in a certain direction. And had said that he thought that next, it would rise up closer to the fisherman as it was moving in that way.

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