A woman with a Twitter account had posted something extremely odd. Now you want to know, what went wrong? She had to attempt to reactivate the puppy’s Facebook account in order to present her with his driver’s license.

Facebook suggests doing that as a solution because she forgot her password.It was explained to Emily Doucet that doing so would only grant her access to the account once more. The account belongs to a puppy, which explains why. Despite her repeated attempts, the password remained locked.

Emily Doucet

Animal lover Emily created a Facebook account for her pet in 2010.

She has not logged in to the account recently. However, after her marriage, she wanted to change the pet’s surname to be the same as theirs.

Credit: Facebook

She attempted each and every password, but they were all incorrect. Trying the incorrect passwords repeatedly is regarded as a violation. The account was locked as a result.

She considered changing the password to be easy. Following that, she contacted Facebook.

Still, the reply arrived later. Facebook only provides the option that access to the account can only be obtained by submitting her pet’s driver’s license or another form of official identification.


Since the tweet was posted, many people who have had such nonsensical incidents have added likes and reactions to it.




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