Wildlife photographer Simon Dell began taking pictures as a means of healing from depression. He said on Bored Panda that one day he caught sight of a mouse that was in his garden. Inspired by the movies The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, Simon then built this little fellow a village.

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Simon treats them with fruits and nuts from nearby trees.

He and the little fellow have their own story, as Simon had mentioned. Simon calls himself Mr. Tographer in the narrative. According to the narrative, Mr. Tograpgher had observed the mouse via his camera. The mouse turned to face him, greeted him with a “Hello,” and gave him the name George.

The little fellow loves fruits and searches for flowers for water.

And the following day, he had begun construction on the tiny mouse’s house. He had built this small house out of logs, twigs, and a coconut shell. Little George then expressed his gratitude to Mr. Tographer for the house. They had gotten to know one another during the following few days after that.

Little fellow George has a lovely boot house too.

They have Boris with updates.

Then, one day, George had presented Mr. Tograpgher with his wife, Mildred. Following that, Mr. Tograpgher started to build more space in the mouse house because he believed they needed more room to live. He had constructed additional rooms for them as well as an upper level for the couple of mice.

They have a caravan for trips.

A big house with a conservatory for winter.

They had been living a happy life, and one day Mr. Tograpgher had been introduced to a new member, someone he had been expecting, for the first time. Little Minnie Mouse was now the child of Little George and Mildred.

Boat to ride in the Pond.

Little Mouse Family comes out of the front door.

With time they all have got along well and even new rooms were built for the members who are yet to come. Now it has become a small little village with everything needed for them.

Need to work as well.

Waiting till the food arrives.

Adorable little Mouse Village.


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