We can always pursue our goals and it’s never too late to do so. Even though it may take years to succeed, the reward will always be sweeter because the work put in throughout the entire process is what counts. Gladys Bravo, 69, is a Chilean athlete who won a national bodybuilding championship and is set to compete against other bodybuilders in South America. She is a prime example of this way of thinking in life. Tell her that she should just be a cooking granny because of her age!



“You have to learn how to deal with the passing of time,” “At your age, it is better to give up,” and “Some activities are best done when you are young.”

Gladys Bravo, how many times has she heard herself say these words? Like that.

She never gave up, though. Not for a single second. She thus won an international bodybuilding competition at the advanced age of 69. Bravo is in excellent physical condition despite her advanced age, and she shares her workout routines, dietary recommendations, and encouragement to people who believe they are… too old! on Facebook and Instagram. She remarked, “I want you to believe in the incredible mental toughness that we all possess. I’m not special.” His goal is to serve as an inspiration to the large number of people who follow his instruction.


“The victory in my master fitness category for the national team allowed me to represent my country at the competition held in Buenos Aires,” she wrote in a post on her Instagram account.

” It is a participation which I carried out in all” unconscious “: I certainly did not know what awaited me! I only had the conviction that I had to work very hard and the objective to be able to represent my country, gave me the strength not to give up. The three months I spent in the gym were difficult once the restrictions due to the pandemic had passed. I prepared myself, based only on my own experience . “

An incredible accomplishment for an incredible body: a lesson to those who believe that, after sixty years, the only sport left for humans is using a television remote control!

source used: gladysbravo.fitness/Instagram


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