One of the most common types of bonds in this world is friendship. Additionally, it may be the most significant kind of relationship that someone can have in their lifetime. In any circumstance, friends can be supportive or helpful in life. That’s the kind of people you generally deal with. When you do this, you should give careful thought to whom you extend friendships.

These are six indicators that you may use to determine whether a friend is phony. Navigate down to see them.

#1. Demanding

These types of people hang around you to get their work done. They always come to you to get their work done.

#2. Makes you feel guilty

When they are around you, these kinds of people try to put their friends down just to make themselves feel better. Most of these bad friends have friends to make themselves look better.

#3. Overly friendly gestures

Fake friends who are with you for their own benefits. Act as if they are your best friends, just to keep you by their side to win your trust.

#4. Insulting you

Insulting you for fun or making you feel less like a joke all the time. The reason that these people do such insultation is to give themselves an ego boost.

#5. Controlling you

These kinds of friends try to control what you do and direct your plans in their favor.

#6. Use you for favors

The fake friends who are around you mostly show up only when they need favors from you.

You can understand if you can have a true or a fake friend by referring to these few points.


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