Drew Goodall can live happily earning £250,000 every year as a result of the success of her company Sunshine Shoeshine. It has fully employed homeless and special needs people. Every person has to go through difficult times to live a good life. Therefore, Drew lives an especially charming life because he has been through many difficult situations in his life.

He was on the verge of a bright and flourishing film career in his late twenties, having landed big-budget parts in Hugh Grant films like About a Boy and Snatch. But eventually, the work dried up because of the harsh criticism, and Drew started to run out of money as a result. But he made a self-promise to himself that he would never return to his parents’ house because he believed that doing so would mean he was giving up on his dream. Sadly, despite his decision, he was left on the streets for six months because he had nowhere else to go.

He was first on the terribly cruel streets of London. He was pleading for food out of fear for his life. In addition, he was being beaten by intoxicated individuals and other homeless people while sleeping in cardboard boxes.

Drew considered providing a service to the frequently indifferent Londoners he saw on a daily basis in order to make some money. He did this by polishing shoes and providing the service to London’s wealthy business community, all the while deftly dodging the police, who have a history of using hawking laws to harshly punish homeless people who reside in the wealthiest parts of the city.

One of his best clients suggested that Drew set up a small shop in the lobby of his office after the six months had passed. For Drew, this was the first step toward earning more money and escaping the streets.

After a while, Drew made the decision to grow his one-man operation into a successful company. He called it Sunshine Shoeshine and it expanded into offices throughout the city of London. Almost all of the people he employs have either experienced homelessness or have special needs. Additionally, he gives a portion of his own income to charitable causes. Drew shows us that perseverance, positivity, and self-assurance are essential in life.


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