The freshwater lake Toyoni, located on Japan’s Hokkaido Island, is quickly becoming a must-see location. The lake, encircled by a forest, has gained popularity due to its heart-shaped natural formation. When seen from above, the heart-shaped structure is clearly visible. It appears to be a bright blue heart encircled by verdant foliage. As the season changes, the leaves’ natural green hue may shift to red or orange. It looks amazing with the sky reflected in the water.

Following its release in a television ad, it gained popularity. The people had gone to see the lake when they discovered it was an actual lake, not one that had been altered. There’s no better place for aerial photography than this lake. There are even helicopters available to take visitors to see this lake, which is also known as Kamuito, or “A Marsh Where God Lives.” Hikers are asked to be mindful of the numerous wild animals, including brown bears, that call the forest where the lake is located home. The lake’s romantic form is enhanced by the fact that it is a naturally occurring shape. Many photographers’ creations went viral after one of them shared a picture of this lake.

#1 After it was seen in a commercial the lake had become famous




#3 Its shape is clearly visible when viewed from above



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