We all adore birds as animals. The subject of this news is Mockingbird. If you come across a bird that has damage to its foot, what would you do? Will you reconstruct her feet using a cardboard? You seem to be a really creative person.

A heartwarming group of people from the CWC did this. The Mockingbird had trouble walking when they found her. There were wounds on her feet. These kinds of events are common in young birds. They came to the conclusion that making tiny snowshoes was the best course of action. After she wore these, they also checked to make sure her feet were properly positioned. Her wounds will then heal. She used to have to support herself solely on her toes. Then there’s the propensity for the damage to worsen. According to Duane Tom, The Dodo will fully recover in a matter of weeks after donning the tiny snowshoes.

More info: California Wildlife Center, (h/t: thedodo)


It is reported that this operation was successful. She will then be allowed to fly in the woods again.


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