This isn’t the first time we’ve spoken with you and shown you a “taste” of Australian nature. We have now discovered that the interesting continent at the end of the earth is a vast reservoir of landscapes, phenomena, and creatures that people accustomed to live in remote locations cannot conceive.

Wildlife, in particular, frequently impresses us the most. Few other regions in the globe have such a diverse and fascinating endemic animal population, as the mega-insect we’re about to introduce to you exemplifies. If you are easily impressed or afraid of moths, we caution you that this may not be the best place for you.


Credit: Amateur Entomology Australia/Facebook

Our location is in Brisbane, a seaside city on the eastern side of the Australian island.While wandering through the Camp Mountain Natural Area, Pam Taylor couldn’t help but notice a “thing” that she couldn’t quite figure out at first.Is there only one certainty?She was really tall and perched on a tree trunk.

It was clear that it was an insect, and closer it was also clear that it was a moth, but surely the woman would never have imagined being in front of a giant specimen like this.


Credit: Amateur Entomology Australia/Facebook

Pam shared her experience on the Amateur Entomology Australia Facebook group, where the large moth drew attention from several members.This huge moth, about the size of a human hand and with an estimated wingspan of 25 cm, is a rather frequent bug in this region of the continent.Users in the community pointed out that it should be an Endoxyla from the Cossidae family.


Credit: Amateur Entomology Australia/Facebook

Taylor observed another butterfly the next morning, following her first experience with one.As a result, it is not unreasonable to believe that such gatherings occur frequently in these places.How would you have reacted to such an extraordinary creature?Would she have terrified or captivated you?

Source used:
Amateur Entomology Australia/Facebook


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