Even with all of the negative connotations associated with it, street art is a phenomenon that is sweeping through public areas and cities in a very creative manner.Graffiti with no ideas is a thing of the past; today’s painters want to express themselves, draw inspiration from their surroundings, and convey a message or make a statement on a particular subject.

American artist Tom Bob specializes in creating graffiti in dull or lifeless urban areas, and he has succeeded in drawing attention to himself with his eye-catching bright colors and humorous characters.

Any opportunity he gets to change it, like a rusted pipe, an ancient gate, or an abandoned street, he seizes it and makes it his own. The examples that follow provide adequate evidence for this.

1. In honor of lollipop lovers

2. “Two well-boiled eggs to take away, please!”

3. He is ready for the mission to unstaple

 4. It’s a lot of weight for his little body

5. The friendliest frog in the neighborhood

6. The Knight of the Rusty Hatch

7. A compass that does not point north

8. Jump, jump, jump rope

9. “Someone ordered pizza for two?”

10. Turtles visit the city from time to time

11. A city squirrel who wants to be your friend

12. the homing pigeon

13. The angel of the city

14. music unites paths

15. Smooth like butter, like a criminal undercover

16. Dalmatians will always stand out

17“Did someone take my cheese?”


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