Are you familiar with aardwolves? Alternatively, get ready to discover more about the world’s adorable little guys. It is a tiny creature that only consumes insects. They are indigenous to South and East Africa. Their ancestors are the hyenas. Thus, this small animal resembles a hyena as well.

The majority of them are located in South African forests. Also, they have burrows, not hyenas.They occupy habitats that other animals have abandoned rather than excavating for themselves.

They are incredibly timid animals. They are also nocturnal. However, they eat during the day and sleep at night in the cold. They mostly eat insects and have a long, sticky tongue. One animal eats about 300,000 insects a night. The adults are about the size of a fox. They also have monogamy. This species’ habit of spending the entirety of their lives with a single partner is another unique quality. You can see how adorable they are below.

Image credits: arkive

Image credits: Unknown

Image credits: Unknown

Image credits: Hennie van Heerden

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Image credits: Ohange Namibia Lodge

Image credits: Daryl Balfour

Image credits: Nigel J Dennis

Image credits: Cincinnati zoo

Image credits: Animals-Safaris

Image credits: Gerard Lacz


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