Believing that our perceptions are not in line with reality and physical laws is the foundation for most optical and photographic illusions. The reality is visible, not the illusion, after two or three glances. It is possible for us to trip over traps and see previously unseen objects. This might be the case because people enjoy being taken by surprise and may discover something new.

To demonstrate that sometimes a confusing picture is just one click away, we created seventeen new images.

#01 “A Flying Kayak”

© GShockly / Reddit

#02 “The Flying Catmobile”

© lofoforos / Reddit

#03 “Catception”

© AlphaRaccoon_- / Reddit

#04 “Horsehead Centaur”

© bundleofwoodensticks / Imgur

#05 “Feeding Glenn, A Duck Heart”

© Blackmetalv*it / Reddit

#06 “A Soccer Player Scores A Goal”

© Babynouil / Reddit

#07 “Pretzel Dog” Is An Acronym For The Pretzel

© Old-Pizza-3580 / Reddit

#08 “Big Foot Reclining On The Shoreline”

© BigDW / Reddit

#09 “My Giant Butt”

© Swedette17 / Reddit

#10 “The Clouds Look Just Like The Ocean”

© Intermeatconnection / Reddit

#11 “That’s A Beard!”

© MyMainIsbannedForCP / Reddit

#12 “Accidental Cosplay”

© PleadingMackrel / Reddit

#13 “A Long Gigantic Arm”

© Chris_Cross501 / Reddit

#16 Levitating While Sitting

© RocketNetwork / Reddit

#17 It Is Not Her Nose

© Substantial_Gur_8230 / Reddit


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