It’s not often acknowledged that dogs are little angels on four paws. They never leave their humans and show them love without conditions at all times. This heartwarming tale of friendship perseveres through good times and bad.

Peyton Smith, a young child, got into an argument with his older sister. Peyton’s parents intervened and broke up the fight during this exchange. Peyton was made to pay the consequences for her misbehavior after the fight was settled. He was therefore forced to choose between going to his room and having a time-out in the corner for all of his misbehavior. The young boy opted for the time-out and took a corner position. To everyone’s amazement, Dash, the English Mastiff, stood by Peyton in the corner and offered him consolation! To learn more about this cute incident, scroll down.

More info & Photo courtesy: The Koala Bears


Doggo Friend
The Koala Bears

This huge dog with a heart of gold did not want his little master to be crying alone. He stood by him being a good boy, letting him know that everything is going to be alright. This was so adorable that the mother; Jillian Smith started taking photos of this adorable sight. It was so heartwarming that she shared them online. Shortly, her post went viral as a lot of people all around the world have viewed this adorable incident. FOX 2 reported that this has shot over 43000 shares all over the internet.


Doggo Friend
The Koala Bears

Peyton and Dash are very close and loving friends. This single moment proved that his friend was there to stand by him no matter how rough times might get. Share your ideas about this lovely duo in the comments section.


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